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Boutique africaine (ba) is a marketplace where you can sell African and diaspora inspired clothes, accessories and home items and provide custom tailoring services directly to buyers around the world. We’re here to facilitate the conversation and make sure that you and your buyers have a positive experience on our platform. Read more about our do’s and don’ts as well as what is expected of you, as a seller.

Items that can be sold on the marketplace

We offer is a one of a kind marketplace where buyers come to purchase ethnic, modern and eclectic items that they might not find elsewhere. Everything listed for sale on our site must use visible ethnic patterns, designs and/or shape. Your items can be handmade or manufactured but the quality has to be guaranteed by you the seller.

Ethnic, modern and eclectic items are vibrant items belonging to a non-Western cultural tradition and generally non-mainstream. You are free to use popular or traditional styles and designs as long as you keep an ethnic flavor that makes your pieces unique and original.

Items that can not be sold on the marketplace

You may not sell an item that you did not design, manufactured or produced in some way. If you were not involved in the creation process of an item and bought it from a supplier, we strongly suggest that you connect with us to see if it is an acceptable piece that can be sold on the platform.
Note that we randomly check product listed on the site and also keep in mind that other members of the marketplace may flag your listings if they look suspicious. We reserve the right to remove any listings that violate our terms and agreements and that your listing fees are non-refundable. We may also suspend or terminate your account for any violations. If such a situation should happen, you’ll still be obliged to pay any outstanding fees on your bill.

Product listing

You agree to accurately describe the product, sizes that you’re selling. You agree to only using your own photographs or artistic renderings of products that you actually own or have in stock.
If you are selling Custom Items designed by you, you agree that: All custom item listings are available for purchase. Each custom listing has a set price.
If you are using photographs of previous work with options for customization (like color choices) included in the listing, it is clear in your description that the photos shown are just examples. Representing yourself, your store and your listings honestly We believe in honesty and fair representation. While we understand and even encourage you to display your store and products in a flattering way, we expect you to accurately represent yourself, your items, and your business.

By selling with us, you agree that you will:

Provide honest, accurate information about your store and products.

Honor your own policies on returns, reimbursement and shipping

Accurately represent your items and listing photos.

Respect the intellectual property of others.

(If you feel someone has violated your intellectual property rights, feel free to report it to us.)

Not engage in fee avoidance and/or user redirection to external stores

Not create duplicate shops and/or use multiple accounts to sell the same items.  

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