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We're an online marketplace for African inspired items. Clothing, accessories, shoes, toys, home decor, organic soaps and oils. We're a one stop shop for buying and selling ethnic items that you may not find anywhere else.

We sell top quality products, give our customers an amazing  online shopping experience and help emerging and establish designers and artisans get their products know. Forget about struggling finding and getting gorgeous items made in Africa, asking a friend to get it to you when they travel or spending your time browsing the net to find that unique piece. If it's African inspired or ethnic, we have it.


Our mission is to reinvent African trade in a fair and sustainable manner. We are an organization devoted to the creation of a better world, with a focus on community and fair trade. We are committed to using our platform to promote our members, our employees and the communities we serve.


Boutique Africaine aims to become the largest marketplace of African articles in the world, as well as a source of inspiration and an essential reference for online commerce of the African diaspora and the African continent. This ambition is reflected in our slogan which is "The Marketplace for Everything Ethnic".


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